Highlights from Our Rebuttal
to the LA Weekly Article

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**When Mr. Aron writes, “Silver Lake Forward (SLF) is pro-park; it has Moby on its side!” he doesn’t mention that it also has powerful lobbyists, consultants and park developers on its boards. Nor does he explain what type of “park” they are talking about. However, SLF has made it very clear that they want a “world-class destination”—like the Chicago Waterfront. That’s not a quaint park that could be realistically sustained based on our existing community and transportation infrastructure. In all the surveys and public meet and greets that SLF has had, they have presented ideas like amphitheater / swimming hole / beach. They have said repeatedly that with any major attraction / development / commerce, a parking lot would be needed inside the fence. We can’t think of one person (nor any wildlife) who wants this area turned into a parking lot—particularly one big and busy enough to support a “world-class destination.”

In addition, we feel Mr. Aron has offered an inaccurate and under-researched characterization of whom we are. He writes, "The people who were at that meeting were incredibly opinionated," Catherine Geanuracos, one of the founders of SLF says. "And they're entitled to their opinions. But that room wasn’t representative of the current population of Silver Lake, let alone the whole city."

It’s curious that Ms. Geanuracos thinks SLF is somehow more representative of the community. REFILL SILVER LAKE NOW is a determined, diverse and significant representation of the people who live here, despite Ms. Geanuracos’s condescending dismissal that Mr. Aron chose to quote.